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Government launches plan for warmer, greener homes

The Warm Homes, Greener Homes Strategy, launched by the Government yesterday, is aimed at cutting emissions from the UK’s homes by 29% by 2020.

Government launches plan for warmer, greener homes

The strategy will:

  • Pave the way for ‘pay as you save’ green finance to make energy efficiency pay from day one

  • Ensure that up to 7 million British households benefit from eco upgrades by 2020

  • Create up to 65,000 jobs in the green home industry

  • Encourage energy companies and local authorities to join forces to help consumers

  • Set out new standards for social and rented accommodation to be proposed

    The strategy will be implemented in a three stage plan:

  • To insulate 6 million homes by the end of 2011

  • To have insulated all practical lofts and cavity walls by 2015

  • To have offered up to 7 million eco upgrades by 2020; all homes to have smart meters.

    Ed Miliband, Energy and Climate Secretary, said: “This shows we can meet the national interest of tackling climate change and reducing our dependence on foreign energy at the same time as we help people save money.

    “The Warm Homes, Greener Homes Strategy will remove the deterrent of upfront costs and reduce the hassle of the move to greener living.

    “Making homes more energy efficient will help protect people from upward pressure on bills, tackle climate change, and make us less reliant on imported energy.

    “New ‘pay as you save’ green finance, a new alliance between energy companies and local authorities to help people in their communities, as well as moves to encourage landlords to stop ignoring energy wastage in their properties, will help deliver the radical transformation that’s necessary.”

    John Healey, Housing Minister, said: “The new measures announced today put the consumer in control of greening up their homes. More than a quarter of carbon emissions come from our homes, so it is vital people are able to make the improvements that will lead to smarter use of energy.

    “Today I have also announced an additional £2.5m to provide a network of Green Show Homes across England, lived in by ordinary people and open to the public. People will be able to see first hand what a refurbished green home is like to live in, and the new technologies they can use to improve the energy efficiency of their own homes and save money on bills.

    “There’s a driving force behind the green homes movement with homeowners, developers and local authorities lining up to get on board. There is a lot of momentum to change and radically re-think how we track our energy use and refurbish our homes and buildings for the future. People in their own homes will get help with costs, and there will be help for private landlords and tenants, but we’re also ready to regulate in the future if landlords will not do the green refurbishment needed.”

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