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Glidevale shed light on development

Saffron Housing Trust in conjunction with Lovell Partnership is using advanced technology to build energy efficient homes in Hingam, Norfolk. As part of this, Glidevale’s Sunscoop tubular rooflights have been selected in order to maximize natural light.

Glidevale shed light on development

However, the Sunscoop also fulfilled a design criterion, as the developers wanted the new homes to complement the surrounding properties featuring traditional chimneys. By mounting the Sunscoop rooflights atop a specially designed ridge mounted terminal this effect was achieved.

Michael Saunders of Lovell explained, “Whilst the Sunscoops could have been fitted to the external pitched roof, as is conventional, Saffron wanted the appearance of a chimney. As the homes are timber frame, it would have placed undue stress on the building structure and fabric to build brick chimneys. Glidevale developed the idea, adapting the Airstract Terminals from its Passivent ventilation business by keeping the core design but redesigning the top section to incorporate the Sunscoop polycarbonate dome.”

The Sunscoop comprises a clear polycarbonate dome on the roof which reflects natural daylight down silvered tubing into the rooms below the ceiling. Even the smallest 250mm diameter Sunscoop using SR98 mirror material for the tube system over a 5.5m length gives up to four times more light than a single 100W bulb without a shade on a clear summer day with direct sunlight. The amount of electrical lighting required within is therefore minimized, reducing energy costs.

The Sunscoop system is are available in a choice of two tube performance levels- SR95 Specular and SR98 giving 95% reflectance and 98% respectively. Further options include a secondary glazing skin for enhanced thermal performance, a Skyview diffuser to optimize the internal spread of light, and a light and sun deflector (LSD) to maximise direct light transmission.

Glidevale’s Sunscoop can be fitted to pitched or flat roofs, and incorporates a range of roof flashings in a choice of colours to optimise ease of fitting and blending with the roof fabric. For pitched roofs there is also the option of an in-line or traditional skylight roof flashing.

The Sunscoop glazing and flashings are all AA fire rated, enabling use without restriction in number, spacing, position or proximity to neighbouring properties.

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