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Gledhill match up with boiler needs

Gedlhill Building Products’ new CondenCyl HE, a high performance cylinder, is designed to be used with condensing boilers, having a high specification heat exchanger and double thickness insulation.

Gledhill match up with boiler needs

The special high efficiency coil of the CondenCyl HE helps to save energy by reducing boiler cycling and maximising the time the boiler can operate in condensing mode. It also has a recovery rate of only 14 minutes assuming a correctly sized boiler, which conforms to Central Heating System Specifications (CHeSS) best practice and means the cost of producing hot water is significantly reduced.

Endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust’s energy saving recommended scheme, the CondenCyl HE Cylinder exceeds the requirements of the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) EcoHomes specification, with zero ratings for both Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Mark Foster, chief executive of Gledhill, says: “In order to ensure efficiency when heating water it is important to use a cylinder that is specifically designed to extract the best performance from the boiler being used as the heat source. This faster re-heat means a smaller capacity cylinder can be used, plus its extra insulation and ability to heat water more quickly substantially reduces standing losses.”

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