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Geocel relaunches Mate range

Sealant specialist Geocel has relaunched its Mate range, its go-to solution for every challenge a tradesperson might encounter on site.

There is  new premium packaging, to make it easier to quickly identify on shelf the ideal solution for the required job.  As part of the rebranding, the Mate range incorporates a bright and varied colour palette while also marking the return of the Mate range shield. In addition, the packaging now provides each product’s attributes clearly at the base of each product cartridge.

Tyhe range also now includes two new products  – Nail Power and Glazing Putty. An instant grab gap filling adhesive, Trade Mate Nail Power irradicates the need for nails and screws and is suitable for bonding most porous and non-porous surfaces. Trade Mate Glazing Putty is a premium solvent free acrylic, developed for glazing timber and metal frames to provide excellent adhesion and temperature resistance.

The re-launch of the Mate range will be supported with new POS and an extensive trade PR and advertising campaign, plus regional radio advertising.



The full range of products includes:

Glazing Putty (available in white)
Glazing Seal (available in clear)
Lead & Gutter Seal (available in black and grey)
Plumber Flue (available in red and black)
Roofers Seal (available in black and grey)
Sanitary Seal (available in white and clear)
All Weather Seal (available in white and clear)
Nail Power (available in white)
Frame Seal (available in white, brown and clear)
Paintable Frame Seal (available in white)
Fire Block Seal (available in black and buff)
Mirror Fix (available in white)
Plumber Joint
Plumber Grease
Plumber Thread
Mitre Bond (available as an activator and cyanoacrylate)
Wood Adhesive
Liquid Wood Adhesive

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