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Geocel launches smaller packs

Three of Geocel’s best-selling products are now available in eco-friendly sausage packs, reducing wastage and reducing costs on waste disposal and landfill charges.

Geocel launches smaller packs

Geocel’s ecoSEAL sealants are packed in laminated foil ‘sausage’ packs instead of bulky plastic cartridges. An empty ecoSEAL sausage is more than eight times less volume than a spent cartridge and up to 60% lighter. This means the contractor can save on skip hire charges, landfill charges, and disposal costs.

The ecoSEAL system comprises sausage packs in some of Geocel’s most popular sealants – the best-selling flexible acrylic filler Painters Mate in white, a high performance sanitary silicone sealant in white and clear called Bath & Kitchen, and Window Glass & Frame, a high performance silicone glazing sealant in white, clear and brown.

The sausages are easy to use. They are simply slipped into a special ecoSEAL sleeve and used in a standard applicator gun. For best results, Geocel recommends the Cox Powerflow heavy duty skeleton gun. The sleeve can be used up to 75 times on average and lids and nozzles can also be reused.

Geocel is investing in a significant promotional campaign to help merchants sell on to contractors with special displays, POS, literature, a demo DVD and advertising and promotional support. With a landfill shortage looming within the next ten years, government and European legislation will continue to place increasing pressure on the construction industry to reduce waste and landfill tax will rise to £50 per tonne by next year (2010). The Government is aiming for a 50% reduction in construction waste by 2012, and with over 100 million sealant and adhesive cartridges ending up in landfill every year the Geocel ecoSEAL system could make a significant contribution to meeting that target.

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