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ForgeFix’s one metre merchandising stands

ForgeFix is showing further commitment to the highest levels of stockist support with their one metre merchandising stands.

ForgeFix's one metre merchandising stands

They’ve recently extended their range of point-of-sale materials with a number of new one metre merchandising stands. The new one metre stands have been specifically designed and manufactured to deliver greater impact and greater sales.

Mike Pollard, ForgeFix national accounts manager, said: “As a business, ForgeFix has long recognised and valued the role played by our stockists in our continued success.

“We know our stockists are a valuable link in our route to market and as such remain focused on doing everything we can to support them and to help them drive sales.

“The introduction of our new one metre merchandising stands reflects that and complements a range of point-of-sale materials that already includes countertop display units and a dedicated display stand for threaded rod and accessories.

“It also adds to wider activity aimed at pulling product off shelves such as high profile advertising, digital marketing and PR campaigns.”

The new ForgeFix one metre merchandising units are manufactured to the company’s own exacting standards, from high quality sheet metal. They are purposely designed to offer many years of lasting performance.

The new stands also feature fully lit headers to ensure greater ‘stand-out’. These headers are supplied complete with bulbs and pre-wired. They simply need to be plugged in to a normal mains socket.

Also, the new stands also employ perforated back boards for almost unlimited flexibility. Shelves and Euro hooks can be positioned depending on the products being displayed and on the stockist’s own particular merchandising preferences.

Stands are available for a number of ForgeFix brands including the TorxFast range of smarter woodscrews, the TechFast range of roofing screws and the distributor’s Lightning Bolt self-tapping anchors.

Stands are also available for the distributor’s F&F products, which include general purpose screws, multiple-purpose screws, drywall screws, and a wide selection of nails.

The new one metre stands are being offered free of charge by ForgeFix to stockists meeting required order values. To help maximise sales from the new stands, ForgeFix has also created recommended stock profiles and deals based on past sales experience and trends.

Pollard added: “ForgeFix has seen particularly strong and growing demand for a number of our lines and the new one metre merchandising stands can help stockists to capitalise on that. It enables them to present some of our bestselling lines and in the best possible way.”

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