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Exclusive: Cemco commits to suppliers for 2012

Independent builders merchant buying group Cemco launched its 2012 Lightside Conference with a commitment to match suppliers’ “market-leading terms” with a “market-leading performance”.

Chairman John Parker told delegates that Cemco agreements are not frameworks “they are commitments”.

“We do not get a deal from a supplier and sit back. We try to deliver on the decision of suppliers to back us because we know that you have the choice.”

He urged delegates to use the conference, held at The Belfry in Wishaw on February 7 and 8, as a platform to grow success.

“There are now two trading boards , one lightside and one heavyside, to concentrate solely on delivery of purchasing and trading performance, above them is a Holding Board, very like a family business, which concentrates on Cemco family matters: our internal finance and out relationships with each other, a uniformity of approach between our two divisions and interaction with the outside world.

“This is our structure, it is simple, it is cohesive, it is inclusive.”

Parker says he believes this is what makes Cemco “a worthy partner” to suppliers: “each member plays their part in delivering overall achievement of our goals.”

Looking at the wider economy, Parker told delegates that this year is likely to much like last year: “but we at Cemco wish to outperform the market and, with your help, we can all do so by focussing on joint business aims.”

He said: “I think it’s time to say that the housing market has picked up. Many housebuilders are doing OK, albeit off a weak base, with well written down land banks and are now slightly profitable. Sometime soon shareholders are going to rumble this and ask for a dividend.

“Building sites for new housing are opening up and I believe that we can see this not just in the south east and that the worst is perhaps behind us.”

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