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Energy-efficient sales need boost, warns think tank

A UK green think tank has warned that energy-saving targets will not be met by 2020 unless sales of energy-efficient products are given a big boost.

The report, by the Green Alliance, found that A++ rated cold appliances – mainly – fridge and freezers – made up only 1% of the total stock and A++ rated wet appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, made up only 8.2%.

To be on track to meet the 2020 energy savings target by next year, the appliances market share must be increased to 18% and 53% respectively – a huge jump.

The report also found that UK householders are using 10% more energy than previous estimates suggested.

Entitled ‘Cutting Britain’s energy bill: making the most of product efficiency standards’, the report suggests introducing a Feed In-Tariff for energy efficient product purchases, and introducing a more informative system of labelling energy consumption figures on appliances.

The report calculates that if households were using the most efficient appliances available, it would result in a £67- £93 decrease in energy bills.

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