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Employee enagegment = better business

If your employees are fully engaged in your business, then you will in all probability have a better business.
That’s more or less what Jonathan Austin, CEO of Sunday Times Best Companies, said at the conference.

Conducting a text-in poll, Austin showed the responses from the audience to the following questions:

What is your primary purpose? To make money – 53%, to provide a great service 32%. Yet of the top 100% best companies only 10% think it’s about the money.

A business’ primary purpose should be your reason for being beyond making money, Austin said. “Take for example, Arup whose mission is ‘to shape a better world’, or Flight Centre whose mission is ‘ to open up the world for those who want to see it’.”

Busineses also need to have an ‘outrageous ambition’: which should be, according to Austin “a vivid description of where we are going to be in five years’ time. This should only be 50% achievable, but it should inspire everyone to try to achieve it.”

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