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Elmhurst Energy remains optimistic in wake of Brexit

Elmhurst Energy, the energy performance assessment specialist, is optimistic about the outcome for the energy assessment industry following Theresa May’s formal triggering of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, beginning the UK’s departure from the European Union.


Martyn Reed, Managing Director of Elmhurst Energy, says that while he is concerned about the uncertainty ahead, he remains optimistic. The recent Bonfield Review suggests there should be a quality framework to help homes in the UK become warmer and more efficient: this is very much based around the foundation of an EPC and the recommendations that are created specific to each property.


Elmhurst Energy considers Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Energy Assessment to be vital if the country is to meet its fuel poverty targets together with international treaties on Climate Change from the United Nations. Elmhurst also highlights that the Fifth Carbon Budget and the Paris Agreement are not EU commitments but relate to the United Nations and will continue regardless of Brexit.


“Whilst Elmhurst Energy believes that the EU has been good for energy efficiency and our sector, the referendum decision was made, and it is now the responsibility of government to re-establish the economic and political environment, so that businesses can make medium and long term decisions with confidence,” says Martyn. “I have no doubt that Brexit will impact on EPCs but I am totally confident that energy assessment and energy certificates are here to stay. Whilst there is likely to be change at the edges, Elmhurst will be doing its part to ensure that it is change for the good.”


While the next two years of negotiations may be turbulent, Elmhurst Energy remains committed to raising people out of fuel poverty and encouraging the Government to continue to recognise that the cheapest form of energy is energy efficiency. 

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