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Ecobuild conference puts sustainability at the forefront

The Ecobuild conference forms an important part of the Ecbuild programme over the three days from March 2 to March 4.
For 2010 the focus will be: the progress made in putting sustainability at the core of construction and the built environment, the future direction the sector needs to take, how quickly and with what impact and to what effect.

And all of that in a year – since Ecobuild 2009 – in which the macro economic environment remained weak, and construction continues to face a difficult period in which sustainability has to support profitability more critically than anyone could have foreseen.

This year’s conference looks at the challenges facing the sector as a whole and house building in particular, how sustainability can be achievable even in a downturn, why the existing stock must be the new priority, and how energy generation has become a key issue at a micro and local level.

The UK’s built environment will only become a low carbon one if there is political vision and ideas, plus the commitment to make change happen. To test out where that vision and commitment are likely to come from, there will be a number of opportunities to hear from relevant Government ministers and members of the main opposition parties, as well as senior figures from the sector.

The topics on Tuesday 02 March are:

  • Counting the carbon, measuring the progress

  • Second generation sustainability: zero carbon without the bling

  • Copenhagen consequences: how strong is the political will for a low carbon Britain?

  • The challenge for construction

  • New homes, new thinking, new models

  • A strategy for energy: save it or decarbonise it?

    On Wednesday 03 March, the topics will be:

  • Refurbishment begins

  • Clarifying the zero carbon conundrum

  • International & green: learning from around the world

  • Construction: the cornerstone of a green recovery?

  • Making renewable generation happen

  • Minding the gap: finding 240,000 new houses per year

    Thursday 04 March:

  • Zero Carbon new non-domestic buildings – rhetoric or reality?

  • Joining up infrastructure

  • Green expectations: can the property sector really be changed?

  • Only connect: codes, standards and regulations review
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