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Eco-week for Dunlop Adhesives

Dunlop Adhesives demonstrated their commitment to environmentally sound working practices by staging their own Environmental Awareness Week last month.

Eco-week for Dunlop Adhesives

Throughout the week, staff at all levels and across all departments were encouraged to think of ways in which they, and the wider Dunlop Adhesives business, could operate in a more environmentally friendly fashion.

All ideas were welcome and the company created a special suggestion box which offered the person who submitted the best idea the chance to win a brand new mountain bike.

Staff were also encouraged to consider how they could take even larger steps in terms of recycling, reducing landfill waste and minimising their own personal contribution to the company’s waste stream. Concepts such as car sharing, to help drive down overall carbon footprint, were discussed and promoted. And, staff that opted to share vehicles were incentivised with rewards including canteen vouchers.

Each day the employees were able to attend informative presentations on a whole range of eco-issues pertinent to both their professional and personal lives. These covered subjects ranging from water conservation through to ensuring greater energy efficiency in the home.

Dunlop Adhesives health, safety and environmental co-ordinator Jenny Barnett said: “Dunlop Adhesives’ progressive approach doesn’t just extend to our products, it also extends to our staff. Environmental Awareness Week reflects this and was all about empowering everyone at every level to get involved and to help make our company an even greener business.”

“All efforts were welcome – no matter how small. The reality is that if each and every member of our team does a little bit here and a little bit there, it adds up to one major difference.”

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