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Dunlop introduces Rapid Rescue Repair Filler

Dunlop, specialist manufacturer of decorating fillers and smoothers, has launched a brand new rapid-drying filler as an addition to its Pro Décor range.

Dunlop introduces Rapid Rescue Repair Filler

Rapid Rescue Repair Filler with Hydroloc™ is designed for quick fix or emergency repairs.

Available in1kg bags, Rapid Rescue helps decorators sort out problems often faced before applying paint or wallpaper without having to wait hour or days to complete a job.

Fully dry and hard in 90 minutes, whatever the temperature or conditions, Rapid Rescue will fill chases, cracks around doors and coving, large cracks and holes. It can be used internally or externally, on the majority of backgrounds from plasterboard to concrete steps, to reliably fill and repair damage up to 50mm deep.

Hydroloc, which Rapid Rescue contains, works by using the mix water as part of a chemical reaction to dry the filler, compared to traditional products that dry via water evaporation. This means that the product dries evenly, regardless of thickness. After 20 minutes the product starts to begin its hardening process and can be easily cut or carved.

Once dry and hard, Rapid Rescue can be sanded down, but can also be simply smoothed over with a damp sponge to achieve a perfect finish.

There are nine products in the Dunlop Pro Décor range including; Ultra Fine Wall Smoother, Interior Filler, High Bond Renovation Filler, Deep Filling Compound, Rapid Repair Mortar, Fibre Reinforced Smoothing & Filling Compound, Lightweight Filler, Fine Surface Filler and Flexible Acrylic Filler each with unique characteristics for a variety of applications.

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