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Dryzone outperforms look-alike damp proofing creams

Safeguard Europe say that new test data shows that high strength damp-proofing creams are more effective at controlling rising damp than low-strength look-alike products.

Dryzone outperforms look-alike damp proofing creams

The test was undertaken by the University of Portsmouth on behalf of Safeguard Europe who produce Dryzone damp-proofing cream.

Dryzone contains over 60% active ingredient in the form of active silanes and siloxanes. Low strength alternatives can contain as little as 15% active ingredient.

During the test, the products were injected into test blocks and left to cure for 28 days before being placed in a tray of shallow water. The test blocks were then weighed at regular intervals to determine water uptake.

Total water absorption during the test duration was 4.2% for Dryzone and 14.8% for the low strength cream, clearly demonstrating that Dryzone was more effective at preventing dampness from rising in the test blocks.

Sageguard say the results have particular implications for specifiers wanting to reduce the wholelife cost of remedial treatments to buildings as well as contractors who want to offer long-term guarantees.

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