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Drill-free adjustment with Flair

Telescopic Capella, new from Flair International, is a range of shower enclosures which allow the installer to adjust product widths so they can fit into awkward shower spaces.

Drill-free adjustment with Flair

Using a drill free ‘twist and lock’ system, an Allen key is all that is required to slacken the screws so the product can be scoped up or down to fit the space.

Once the perfect fit is achieved, the product ‘locks’ into place without leaving any tell-tale drill marks or holes.

Each of the seven door styles will fit all standard tray sizes but the telescopic feature allows a further 60mm adjustment in each telescopic joint (25mm per side for the Quadrant) to fit non-standard tray sizes and 20mm scoping on each wall jamb to cope with out-of-true walls.

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