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Dow Corning cleans up

Geocel’s Dow Corning 757 Weatherproofing Sealant can be used on photocatalytic and hydrophilic self cleaning glass and will not remove the glass’s special coating or stain the glass.

Dow Corning cleans up

It is a neutral, one-component, Si-hybrid based sealant that has been approved by leading glass companies.

Dow Corning has extensively tested its new 757 Weatherproofing Sealant to ensure that it provides an effective bond on and around self-cleaning glass substrates as well as standard glass, aluminium, metal, painted and unpainted wood.

Supplied in standard 290ml cartridges, it is easily gunnable and performs well once cured at temperatures from -30ºC to +90ºC. It is solvent and isocyanate-free making it safe to use, even in confined spaces.

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