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DeWALT unveils 5.0Ah battery packs

DeWALT has introduced 5.0Ah battery technology into its professional cordless power tool series.

DeWALT unveils 5.0Ah battery packs

Launching initially to complement the company’s range of XR Brushless tools, the new 5.0Ah battery packs aim to deliver 66% more runtime than a standard 3.0Ah battery pack without compromising the size or weight of the tool, and provide the power and convenience for applications where the user demands exceptional runtime to complete their job.

The high capacity 5.0Ah battery pack is designed to provide protection from overheating and deep discharge conditions during high-load applications. This increases the battery life and ensures maximum power for users where uninterrupted runtime is critical, such as in isolated construction locations, or difficult conditions where charging is simply not possible and would require valuable time away from the job site.

Richard Mallinson, head of marketing at DEWALT said, “Our research has shown that running out of power at a critical moment is the primary frustration for tradesmen and construction professionals today. 5.0Ah battery technology is essential for users who perform high-load applications, or for those working in remote environments or large sprawling developments without easy access to a charging point. With this new battery technology, the need to recharge or replace batteries regularly is eliminated – in fact, in our on-site trials with 5.0Ah technology, users reported the ability to work for two to three days without the need to recharge their pack, giving them the ultimate confidence in their equipment on site.”

Each DeWALT 18V 5.0Ah battery pack incorporates a convenient state of charge indicator, reassuring the user that they have enough power to complete their job, and further avoiding the risk of being caught out without charge in a vital situation.

The new 5.0Ah battery packs are compatible with all current and previous models of the same voltage in the XR Li-Ion range.

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