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CPA chairman lauds construction’s essential role

The construction industry has a crucial role to play in the UK’s economic recovery, according to the newly-elected chairman of the Construction products Association.

CPA chairman lauds construction's essential role

Bill Bolsover was speaking to an audience of more than 450 senior industry leaders and government officials at the Association’s Annual Lunch last week. He pointed out that, despite the challenges laid down by the recession, construction can play its part in rebuilding the economy.

“Many of the things we marvel at today were conceived in a time of recession, when construction was seen as the one industry that could stimulate the economy, create employment and provide a valuable legacy for future generations,” he said.

Bolsover believes that manufacturers and product suppliers have a key role to play in this. ‘We must raise the product manufacturers and suppliers higher up the ladder of influence in the construction industry.

“Construction does not exist without the materials and products that come together to make the projects that designers create, and the contractors and specialist put together. And the importance of the products within this partnership has become even more important with the drive towards a low carbon economy.”

A full programme of ongoing investment in construction would, he said:

  • Ensure the economic recovery created a more balanced economy with less dependence on financial services and a larger role for manufacturing and construction

  • Deliver the large scale investment needed in our energy supply and distribution to ensure the lights really don’t go out

  • Address the problems of a transport infrastructure that is creaking even in recession and which needs a long term investment programme to bring us in line with transport infrastructure in other major economies with which our businesses compete

  • Increase the level of housebuilding beyond not just what has been provided in the last two years, but in the last two decades, so as to accommodate the forecast increase of more than four million in the population of this country between 2008 and 2018.

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