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Countrystyle opens plasterboard recycling plant

Countrystyle Group have opened a dedicated plasterboard recycling and gypsum recovery operation at their facility in Ridham, Kent.

Countrystyle opens plasterboard recycling plant

The facility is expected to divert between 20,000 to 40,000 tonnes of plasterboard from landfill annually. Not only will this help protect the environment from unnecessary dumping, but it will also significantly reduce the associated costs with landfill whilst recovering gypsum material for reuse.

Countrystyle Group will be working closely with Knauf Drywall, who have a plant at Ridham. The companies already work together on other recycling projects.

Plasterboard will be collected in three ways: collection by high cube walking floor articulated vehicles, RollOn/Off bin vehicles and RollOn/Off closed containers which are suitable for civic amenity sites.

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