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Clean up with ProtectGuard

ProtectGuard is a water-based product, which can be used to protect surfaces against dirt, pollution and graffiti without altering their appearance.

Clean up with ProtectGuard

It is a non-yellowing, water borne product, free from both solvents and silicon. This means there are no restrictions on its application and it can be used on historic buildings as well as new build.

The product allows the surface to breathe, is suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces and is ideal for use on interior and exterior stone, tile, render, brick and concrete surfaces.

It works by soaking seep into the pores of the material giving water repellency, whilst greasy stains and grime are unable to bind to the surface.

The product was recently used by the London Borough of Sutton to treat the Millennium Square and adjacent subway after a cleaning project to remove chewing gum, dirt and graffiti from the area. And, according to Engineering Heritage md Martin Byrne, who has worked closely with police forces, using ProtectGuard has meant they have “hit on the right formula that is effective and cost saving to cleansing division budgets. In other words a win-win solution”.

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