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CK gets set for Summer promotion

Carl Kammerling has launched its 2017 HOTBOX Summer promotion which will run untill 31st August across almost 100 essential products from the C.K tools, C.K Magma, C.K Classic, Kasp and Avit ranges.

Categorised into four sections for speed and ease of use; gardening, hand tools, PTA and storage and security, the HOTBOX brochure will feature some of Carl Kammerling’s most popular ranges, including C.K’s established Legend gardening range and featuring core hand tools products, such as the C.K Triton XLS Screwdrivers, the C.K Blue Steel Impact bits and the C.K Magma 3-in-1 Tote, all at substantially reduced prices.

Customers who signed up and met the £200/€230 minimum qualifying order value within HOTBOX Spring, can continue spending on HOTBOX Summer, without the need to place a second qualifying order, ensuring maximum sales and momentum for retailers throughout the year. Customers participating only in HOTBOX Summer must sign up for the promotion and their initial order must meet the qualifying order value of £200/€230 to participate.

Hero products include the popular C.K Classic Legend Bypass Pruners, C.K Heavy Duty Hacksaw and the Kasp Garage & Shed Alarm.

A HOTBOX gift scheme is included in the 2017 promotion. The six different tiers of rewards allow retailers to earn LOVE2SHOP high street vouchers (ONE4ALL vouchers in Ireland) based on their HOTBOX spend until 31st August; the they spend, the more they earn.

This year’s HOTBOX promotion is also running online, allowing retailers to order directly from the Carl Kammerling International website, which will give them their own log in to check their spend daily. Carl Kammerling will also update its customers on their spend and rewards earnings, to ensure they are getting the most from the promotion as well as providing monthly e-statements.

HOTBOX also offers effective merchandising solutions, such as freestanding displays, counter box options, counter mats, and price labels all to create full impact in store. This year’s fantastic displays include the Sabretooth Trade Saws dump bin and the File & Rasp stand. A new brochure, featuring striking new lifestyle photography will also demonstrate the features and benefits of key products.



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