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Cistermiser improves IRC valve

Cistermiser has enhanced its infrared urinal flushing (IRC) valve to include an array of coloured LEDs.

Cistermiser improves IRC valve

The LEDs indicate the status of the flow-controlling solenoid valve, the sensor detection mode and low-battery replacement, allowing both installers and users to tell at a glance that everything is working correctly.

Furthermore, the unit can now run on both mains power and batteries so that, in the event of a supply failure, the batteries serve as a back-up power source. The IRC reduces water consumption in urinal cisterns by up to 80%, compared to an uncontrolled flush, by using infrared technology to detect movement in the washroom and control flushing.

Visit www.cistermiser.co.uk or call 0118 969 1611 for further details.

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