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Chubb padlocks migrate to Union’s C-series

The Chubb range of padlocks and padbars are now available in UNION’s new C-Series.

Chubb padlocks migrate to Union's C-series

The move is part of the plan to migrate Chubb products to either the UNION or Yale brands; the licence to use Chubb on lock products expires in August.

Seven padlocks and padbars are available in the new UNION C-Series, all with their original part numbers to make the transition as easy as possible.

The UNION C-Series includes the 1K11 Battleship close shackle padlock, which has a 6 lever mechanism and is resistant to hacksaw and torque attack. The heavy duty 1K21 Cruiser close shackle padlock has extra security, thanks to the case hardened shackle and off centre keyhole.

The UNION branded products are exactly the same as their Chubb predecessors and will be made in the same factory, by the same people using the same technology. A small number of Chubb padlocks have been discontinued, where sales have been very low or there is a better alternative already available in the UNION range.

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