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The sound and the fury

How often have we berated our politicians for promising the earth in their pre-election rabble-rousing speeches, only for those manifesto ideas to be swept under the carpet once they are elected?

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The value of differentiation

Graham Bucktrout became the Managing Director of Lecico UK in 2010. Now the 2nd largest bathroom ceramic supplier to the UK and this year celebrating 30 years in the UK, he believes the growth has come from offering his customers differentiation. Businesses like to have a USP, a unique selling …

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Moving on up

It’s long been said that the health of our domestic economy – especially those parts connected with housing – is directly correlated with the number of housing transactions. A healthy churn of people buying and selling their homes - doing them up before selling, re-doing someone else’s hard work once they’ve bought etc. – is…

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A rock and hard Brexit

So it is to be a hard Brexit rather than a soft Brexit. Whatever way the Government chose to handle this, it was always going to be far more difficult to manage than the rhetoric of the Leave campaigners led 52% of us to believe, back in June.

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Solving the pothole problem

Potholes are a problem and there is no denying the size of the problem! An ongoing hazard for road users in Britain, the pothole crisis is a recurrent nightmare from which there appears to be no escape. Not a week goes by without local and national newspapers and TV reporting on how potholes are causing…

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The Crystal Ball

It’s the start of another year and the grim reaper has seen fit to spare me yet again (he said with a smile). So it’s time for the usual game of trying to predict what the new year will bring.

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