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(No) Exit

So here we are then. About to Brexit. Nine months or so since the UK populace took to the polls and the Leavers squeezed past the Remainers, the House of Lords have passed the Government’s Brexit Bill.

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Spring back, Autumn forward

What can we expect from Phillip Hammond’s first Budget today? He’s already talked about the wodge that is coming the way of the education sector (the words ocean and drop spring to mind) and we’ve heard about the new T-level qualifications to try and stop people thinking of technical or vocational qualifications as somehow ‘less…

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Is the message getting through?

Sometimes if you bang on about something enough times, people start to listen to you. Listening and acting upon that information are two very different things however as this industry has discovered over the years.

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A helping hand?

What a surprise. The most expensive place in the country to buy a property is the also the place where the Government’s Help to Buy has helped the fewest people.

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Not the Nine O Clock News

It may be a reaction to the barrage of news/not news that’s coming through at the moment but I’m finding myself feeling slightly nostalgic for the days when Twitter was chock full of pictures of what people ate for lunch and how long they’d been stuck in a queue at Sainsburys.

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The renting dilemma

It’s quite a sea change but it reflects the realities we now find ourselves living with. The reality that hundreds of thousands of young people fear that they will never be able to afford to buy a property. Not only are there too few of them, but those there are, are priced beyond the reach…

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