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Carron Phoenix celebrates 250 years at Falkirk

Next month sink maker Carron Phoenix will celebrate its 250th birthday at the Falkirk site in Scotland.

Carron Phoenix celebrates 250 years at Falkirk

The Carron Company was established as an iron foundry in Falkirk in 1759. At one time the company employed around 5000 people, operated its own fleet of steamships and even issued its own currency to enable trading around the globe.

During its history, the Carron Company has manufactured a range of products including cast iron seats, old fashioned flat irons, fireplaces, cast iron baths and range cookers. They also made the Carronade cannons which were used by Nelson at Trafalgar and Wellington at Waterloo and the iconic red telephone and post boxes. Carron moved into the manufacture of stainless steel sinks in 1960, followed by synthetic sinks in 1984.

Carron Phoenix’s celebratory year kicks off in September, and will include an open day at the Falkirk headquarters and a customer event in early 2010.

Managing director Simon Cotton, says: “This company has been a part of Britain’s heritage for 250 years. that’s a huge responsibility, especially for someone who learnt about Carron in my local history at school in Central Scotland. This is a very proud moment for the company, marking the valuable contribution made over the years by our hugely experienced and committed workforce.”

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