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BSRIA launches Wellbeing topic guide

BSRIA has released its new free to download topic guide on the subject of Wellbeing which is available to download free from its website.


The BSRIA topic guides are designed to be an ‘at a glance publication’ introducing readers to key industry topics and suggesting further reading.


The guide is aimed at those looking for introductory information about wellbeing including definition, impact and importance. The guide details the different factors such as thermal comfort, noise and indoor air quality.


Expert commentary is provided by BSRIA’s Sustainable Building Consultant, Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein, who said: “Given that we spend 90 per cent of our time indoors, it is important to know how the indoor environment can affect and improve our wellbeing. A building should be a safe place that responds to basic human needs while meeting the occupants’ psychological and spiritual needs.


A ‘well’ indoor environment supports the occupants to thrive and happily perform to their optimum ability. As the industry is trying to optimise energy performance of buildings in terms of their installed services and fabric, it is essential to also consider how well buildings can increase the energy capacity of their occupants and help them to better control and spend the human energy that they have.


The aim of this guide is to provide a brief introduction about how a range of indoor physical, functional and psychological factors can impact the wellbeing of the occupants.”


TG10/2016 ‘At a Glance’ – Wellbeing is now free to download from the BSRIA website for members and non-members alike: BSRIA topic guides.


Indeed, at BSRIA’s flagship event: the annual Briefing and Luncheon, one of the industry’s current hottest topics, performance and wellbeing beyond compliance – and how it can boost profit margins – will be highlighted. The Briefing will be held at the Brewery, in London, on Friday 11th November 2016. The main sponsor is Trend.


Briefing 2016: performance and wellbeing beyond compliance


The guest speaker, the Rt Hon Lord (Paddy) Ashdown GCMG CH KBE PC, will take to stage after the lunch to give a topical speech. He will also take questions from the floor. One of the most engaging politicians of all time – guests will have an hour of his time – so book on to take advantage of this.


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