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Britain’s builders “sexier” than bankers

New research has revealed Britain’s “sexiest” professions, with builders proving more popular than bartenders, teachers and bankers.

Britain's builders 'sexier' than bankers

The study, commissioned by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), looked at jobs, professions and careers that are attractive, admired and respected by the nation.

While the top three spots of armed forces, pilots and nurses confirm that Brits love a uniform, British builders have secured their place within the top 10 – ahead of trendy graphic designers and well-heeled bankers and CEOs, as well as plumbers.

TV builder and FMB member Chris Payne, (ITV’s Bad Builders Bang to Rights), said: “There’s a traditional appeal in physically active, handy and hardworking professions. Builders may stand out in this list against some of the more glamorous or trendy professions, but actually fit in well with the kind of people you want around to help you when you need them – such as teachers and nurses. For hardworking Brits, that carries a bit of sex appeal.”

The full list of Britain’s Sexiest professions:

1. Armed forces

2. Pilot

3. Nurse

4. Flight attendant

5. Emergency services

6. Doctor

7. Professional athlete

8. Artist

9. Radio / TV presenter

10. Builder

11. Bartender

12. Teacher

13. Architect

14. Designer / Graphic designer

15. Business founder / CEO

16. Banker

17. Accountant / finance

18. Plumber

19. App developer / coder

20. Journalist

Research conducted by Opinion Matters, May 2015, based on 2,000 UK adults.

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