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Border upgrades its CounterAct Software

In December, Border announced further important upgrades to its CounterAct software to include the launch of two new mobile apps – Stock Checking and Purchase Orders.

Border upgrades its CounterAct Software

In addition, more options to Delivery Scheduling have been added and the creation of a new Product Purchase Enquiry report.

The Stock Checking app is designed to speed up and simplify the stock checking process and the Supplier Purchase Orders app is aimed at easing the generation of supplier purchase orders by using a mobile device, whilst walking round the showroom or yard.

Both apps will initially be available on Android devices and can be used on smart phones or tablets.

New Delivery Scheduling, users can now access delivery scheduling direct from the point of sale screen and depending on access rights, can either view, or view and update, the schedule.

This is designed to improve visibility of vehicle availability between the counter and the transport office.

The new Product Purchase Enquiry is a purchase data version of the Product Sales Enquiry. It provides a huge range of information on every item purchased.

Users can use the enquiry to get an overall view of transactions or focus on particular product ranges or suppliers.

The quick view facility means that users don’t have to drill down into each line to see the full detail.

A new customer flag has been added to allow users to set a default Type Of Sale – the options are ‘collected’, ‘delivered’ or ‘none’.

This is particularly useful for users that have customers who always have orders delivered as it saves time at users busy counter terminals.

An enhancement to the ‘maintain customer orders for the whole company’ now gives an option to distribute products for delivery of an order to be supplied by another branch.

Issue update notes with full details of the new release and upgrades are available from Border.

This new release is available to all CounterAct users. CounterAct upgrades are supplied as part of the customer support contract.

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