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Bollom speed up protection

Brosteel Ultra 60 from Bollom Fire Protection offers 60 minutes of fire protection on standard steel members in internal environments with just two coats.

Bollom speed up protection

The easy-to-apply, two-coat, thin-film, waterborne intumescent coating, can also be used to provide 30 minutes protection in one coat. In the event of fire, the intumescent base coat softens and expands to form a carbon foam layer which insulates and protects the structure from intense heat.

Because it can be applied at any stage during the erection of a building, the Brosteel Ultra 60 system is economical and cost-effective. It is also fast drying – typically four hours when applied by brush and six hours when applied by airless spray – saving time and cost on site. No specialist application skills are required.

All sectional steel can be coated with one coat for 30 minutes of fire protection, and with two coats for 60 minutes of protection.

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