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BCA refutes price fixing claims

The British Cement Association (BCA) has hit back at the suggestion of possible anti-competitive behaviour in the cement industry.
The claims, made by the British Aggregates (BAA) association were branded “unfounded, without substance and just plain wrong” by BCA chief executive Mike Gilbert.

He added, ” it is disappointing that the BAA have opted to continue this programme of innuendo with their agents Cartel Damage Claims. We are not surprised that they have yet to reach firm conclusions, as the BCA has absolutely no evidence that the cement market is functioning anything other than properly.”

The BAA called in specialist investigators Cartel Damage Claims to investigate concerns and help collate evidence against cement suppliers following concerns from its members about issues such as price fixing.

BAA director Robert Durward said, “The number of people prepared to talk to us and voice their concerns has been encouraging. We believe there is enough evidence out there to prove to the Office of Fair Trading that it needs to act.”

Speaking to buildersmerchantsjournal.net today Mr Durward added: “All we can say is that we do seem to be finding behaviour that is suspicious. It’s an ongoing issue and CDC continue to look into it. And I would ask the BCA, if this isn’t a problem, why is cement in Germany €48 a tonne and here it is more than double that?”

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