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Guest Blogger - Steven Heath

How to ignite a change against fuel poverty

It's really positive to see the amount of support Cold Homes Week - the Energy Bill Revolution campaign - is receiving this week, as businesses, charities and organisations make a stand against fuel poverty. The scale of the issue is so serious that we need to do all we can to urge government to stop…

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Green Deal and Black Holes

Stephen Hawking recently revealed his career 'Plan B'. Had a life in theoretical physics not worked out, he would have joined the Civil Service. UK Government's loss may have been the world's gain, but are his services still needed to sort out the energy efficiency policy mess we find ourselves in? Our view is below;…

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What has the Government exposed us to now?

SSE's announcement to fix energy prices to January 2016 saw David Cameron and Ed Miliband competing to claim the credit. With the other energy suppliers coming under pressure to follow SSE's example, let's consider what the real cost of this price freeze amounts to. And consider if there is really any credit to claim!

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The aspiration and delivery gap

In his biggest reshuffle since becoming Prime Minister, David Cameron fired the starting gun for the general election by sacking or moving at least six Cabinet members to make way for a series of fresh replacements, who will be promoted on Tuesday.

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