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ACO Tanks go down a storm

ACO StormTank’s ‘open-sided’ cell structure provides access to every part of an installed tank and means it can be configured to remove the risk of silt build up, ensuring the long-term performance of the installed system.

ACO Tanks go down a storm

The design uses high strength central pillars to provide load bearing capacity and structural integrity. A completed tank only requires side panels at its perimeter to provide lateral support. The result is a totally barrier free interior void that can be easily accessed, inspected and cleaned. In combination with a suitable geotextile or geomembrane, ACO StormTank can be configured to either infiltrate or attenuate run-off depending on the specific requirements of the location.

To achieve the watertight installation required, the tank is first wrapped in an impermeable geomembrane. It is then covered with a protective ACOTex Plus fleece to achieve a completely sealed and stable structure.

The first installation of ACO Technologies’ new ACO StormTank modular surface water attenuation and infiltration system has been completed at Perkins Engines’ manufacturing facility in Stafford.

A key part of a large scale Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS), the 65cu m modular tank system attenuates and controls the discharge of surface water run-off from a new lorry park that has been created to ease vehicle movements across the site.

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