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ACO open the market for modular systems

ACO Water Management’s StormTank has an ‘open-sided’ design to overcome the problems of restricted access and vulnerability to silt blockage, associated with modular storm water management systems.

ACO open the market for modular systems

The design uses high strength central pillars rather than side walls to provide load bearing capacity and structural integrity. A completed tank only requires side panels at its perimeter to provide lateral support. The result is a totally barrier free interior void that can be easily accessed, inspected and cleaned. The free flow of storm water entering the tank also avoids having to use expensive pipe manifolds and additional pipework to distribute flow evenly.

Manufactured from a lightweight, 100% recyclable material, ACO StormTank is tested to CIRIA guidelines and is suitable for both landscaped and trafficked areas such as car parks, retail parks and residential developments. Available in three depths, 457mm, 610mm and 914mm, StormTank cells can be used to create a storm water storage unit configured to any capacity, discharge requirement, soil condition or land area.

In combination with a suitable geotextile or geomembrane, it can be easily configured to either infiltrate or attenuate run off depending on the specific environmental and planning requirements of the location.

“Typical storm tank capacities are around 150 cu m but, with changing weather patterns and the increased risk of flooding, tanks of over 1000cu m are now regularly specified and will become increasing common as new regulations come into force,” says Neill Robinson-Welsh, Business Manager at ACO Water Management.

“As ACO StormTank overcomes the barriers that have hindered adoption in the past, contractors will now be able to take full advantage of the system’s lightweight, modular cells that are easy to handle and install and which require less soil excavation to achieve the required storage capacity.”

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