Published on 28 - January - 2009

Bradfords to cut 45 builders merchant jobs

South west independent builders merchants Bradford Building Supplies are to cut up to 45 jobs across their operation.

Bradfords to cut 45 builders merchant jobs
The slowdown in construction activity is costing Bradfords up to 45 jobs

A letter was sent to employees yesterday, which said that the company are starting a consultation process over the loss of approximately 45 posts.

The letter said: "This proposal stems from the ongoing severe economic downturn and the serious impact this has had on the company's profitability."

Managing director Dennis Smith told "We have started a consultation process with employees. We have been looking at measures to reduce costs through the business, but sadly, we have had to make the decision to lose some members of staff."

The job losses will be across the compnay's 26 branches.

"We have to make decisions based on how we think the business will continue to perform and unfortunately I can't see that it will get any better for the forseeable future."

Bradfords plan to hold talks with employee representatives elected from the workforce and the consultation period will last for a minimum of 30 days.

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