Published on 7 - January - 2008
Wet weather no worry with Weyroc
With the possibility of a much wetter climate across the UK in the future, builders can make their lives far easier by choosing products with care - such as Egger UK's Weyroc Protect, a flooring board which is BBA certified for 42 days exposure to the elements.

Wet weather no worry with Weyroc

Scientists believe the UK could face increasing rainfall caused by global warming, and construction companies will be acutely aware of problems from water-affected materials.

Traditional flooring is susceptible to warping and de-layering even when exposed to the lightest of showers. However, Egger have designed their Weyroc Protect flooring to shrug off protracted exposure to damp conditions.

It also gives a safe working platform thanks to its special anti-slip finish, which provides excellent foot-holding properties for site workers at height.

Used as part of Egger's Rapid Deck 'no-nails' chipboard system, Weyroc Protect can also reduce installation times. It incorporates the specially-formulated Weyroc D4 Adhesive, allowing the Rapid Deck system to be glue-fixed to joists without the need for nails and in wet weather conditions.

The water resistant Weyroc Adhesive gives excellent bonding strength between tongue and groove boards as well as bonding between joists or I-beams and boards. This makes it even more suitable for use when laying chipboard flooring during damp conditions.

Kathryn Burton, Egger's UK marketing coordinator for specification and marketing products, said: "The majority opinion in the science community now agrees that the UK can expect much wetter weather in future years. This will clearly have an affect on the way we build things in this country and construction companies should be thinking now about materials and working practices for the future."
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