Published on 7 - January - 2008

PTS launch CO awareness campaign

PTS have announced that they will spearhead a 'Carbon Monoxide Awareness' campaign running from January 14-19. National merchants will be invited to join them in creating posters and information packs to reach installers within their branch networks.

PTS launch CO awareness campaign
Managing director Alan Ball believes a "co-ordinated approach" is needed

Managing director Alan Ball is calling on merchants and installers to take action and communicate the inherent dangers of CO poisoning to homeowners caused by illegal installation and poor maintenance of boilers, fires and other gas appliances.

Mr Ball said: "It is startling to think that the majority of deaths from Carbon Monoxide could be avoided, making education the key factor in preventing these tragedies. Since I joined CORGI as a member of the trust, I felt it was important that we made the first step in raising awareness at trade counters across the UK.

"I wrote to the managing directors of other merchants because I believe a co-ordinated approach will have a much bigger impact. Hopefully our campaign week will be just the start of targeting this problem and encouraging the installer to be aware of these issues when talking to homeowners."

The company has also won a major contract with British Gas to supply domestic products such as boilers and controls for use in central heating installations in homes across the UK.

Starting last month, PTS now supply 50% of the products British Gas needs to fulfil its average 100,000 installations per year from 13 centres based throughout the UK.

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