Hydro StormTrain® Series of Surface Water Treatment Devices

Nature can often be the inspiration for best practice in simple and sustainable drainage design in the urban environment. By engineering in nature s way, The Hydro StormTrain Series delivers predictable, repeatable surface water treatment performance that can enhance or even improve on nature itself.

The Hydro StormTrain® Series is an unrivalled and comprehensive toolbox for surface water treatment in Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Each device delivers proven, measurable performance that saves on construction and maintenance costs.   Each can be used independently, in combination, or alongside natural SuDS features.

The Series comprises Hydro's industry-leading surface water treatment devices, each delivering proven, measurable and repeatable surface water treatment performance. Each can be used independently to meet the specific treatment needs of a site or combined to form a management train.

Engineers may choose to select Hydro Biofilter™, Downstream Defender®, Up-Flo™ Filter or First Defense® to work alongside natural SuDS features to protect, enable or enhance them. Use our interactive Selection Tool to explore the options.

New Treatment Selection Tool

Hydro has developed a new interactive Treatment Selection Tool to help users build example treatment trains from a full SuDS toolbox including the opportunity to interchange manufactured and natural SuDs features.

The Tool helps you explore interactively the consequent pollutant removal of different combinations and calculates the likely capital and whole-life costs.  Visit: www.hydro-int.com/stormtrain/tool


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