Hydro-Brake Flow Control Series from Hydro International

Manage surface water, watercourse and foul/combined sewer flows with the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control series.

The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series is a comprehensive and versatile toolbox of precision-engineered devices for flow attenuation and control that can help:

  • Deliver compliant schemes with scalable, precision flow control performance.
  • Precisely balance flow rates and upstream storage requirements on every project.
  • Save land-take and costs with optimised flow control performance.

Every device in the series is tested and manufactured to exacting standards and wherever possible, independently accredited to provide the reassurance of reliable, repeatable through-life operation.


Our expert technical support team is available to support your drainage scheme design, helping you ensure flow rates and upstream storage requirements are balanced to provide the best-possible performance.


Download the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series brochure.


Select a flow control that meets your performance and budget requirements:


Hydro-Brake® Optimum vortex flow control


Manage low, moderate and high flows to deliver sustainable drainage from single sites to large networks.


The Hydro-Brake® Optimum vortex flow control provides customised water quantity management for surface, foul or combined water across a wide range of flows and for a variety of applications.

Precision-engineered to meet site-specific flow, head and storage requirements, only the Hydro-Brake® Optimum leverages more than 30 years of vortex flow control expertise to deliver exceptional flood protection and sustainable drainage.


Hydro-Brake® Agile float-operated flow control


Reduce upstream storage and manage flood risk at sites with stringent discharge consents where space for on-site attenuation is at a premium.


Where adequate on-site infiltration is not possible, flood risks must be mitigated by attenuating stormwater to result in adequate flood storage. The Hydro-Brake® Agile flow control delivers effective flow control for sites with highly constrained storage conditions.


Hydro-Brake® Orifice


Manage moderate flows and deliver sustainable drainage at site and development level.


The Hydro-Brake® Orifice flow control provides water quantity management for surface, foul or combined water at sites with generous discharge consents and low storage constraints.

A low-cost, low-complexity flow control, the Hydro-Brake® Orifice is ideal for development-scale sustainable drainage at sites with moderate storage options.


N.B. The information contained in this entry is provided by the above supplier, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher

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