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A W Lumb (Northern) Ltd are listed in the following categories:

Adhesives and Sealants > Adhesives
Adhesives and Sealants > Gluing Equipment
Adhesives and Sealants > Mastics
Adhesives and Sealants > Sealants
Aggregates > Decorative Aggregates
Aggregates > Gravel
Aggregates > Sand
Aggregates > Packaging
Architectural Fixtures > Architectural Ironmongery
Architectural Fixtures > Architectural Metalwork
Architectural Fixtures > Architectural Mouldings
Bricks and Blocks > Aggregate Blocks
Bricks and Blocks > Aircrete Blocks
Bricks and Blocks > Bricks & Blocks, Clay
Bricks and Blocks > Bricks & Blocks, Concrete
Bricks and Blocks > Engineering Bricks
Bricks and Blocks > Facing Bricks
Bricks and Blocks > Foundation Bricks
Bricks and Blocks > Special Bricks
Buildings > Buildings, Portable
Buildings > Buildings, Prefabricated
Buildings > Buildings, Timber Framed
Buildings > Sheds and Garden Buildings
Ceilings > Ceiling Coverings
Ceilings > Ceiling Finishes
Ceilings > Ceiling Fittings
Ceilings > Ceiling, Suspension Systems & Fixings
Chemicals > Cleaning Chemicals
Chemicals > Protective Chemicals
Claddings > Claddings, External Wall
Claddings > Claddings, Internal Wall
Claddings > Claddings, Lead
Claddings > Facings
Clothing > Clothing, Protective/Safety
Clothing > Safety Footwear
Clothing > Workwear
Doors and Windows > Door Controls
Doors and Windows > Door Gear, Sliding & Folding
Doors and Windows > Door Openers & Closers, Automatic
Doors and Windows > Door/Window Furniture and Ironmongery
Doors and Windows > Doors, Aluminium
Doors and Windows > Doors, Fibreglass
Doors and Windows > Windows, Timber
Doors and Windows > Windows, uPVC
Doors and Windows > Windows, Roof
Doors and Windows > Windows, Sash
Doors and Windows > Windows, Sash Balances
Doors and Windows > Windows, Securit
Doors and Windows > Windows, Shutters
Doors and Windows > Windows, Sliding
Doors and Windows > Window Accessories
Doors and Windows > Windows, Hinged
Doors and Windows > Windows, Aluminium
Doors and Windows > Windows, Dormer
Doors and Windows > Windows, Double Glazed
Doors and Windows > Windows, Metal
Doors and Windows > Doors, Sliding & Folding
Doors and Windows > Doors, Steel
Doors and Windows > Doors, uPVC
Doors and Windows > Doors, Wood
Doors and Windows > Doorsets
Doors and Windows > Draught Excluders and Strips
Doors and Windows > Doors, Louvred
Doors and Windows > Doors, Metal
Doors and Windows > Doors, Mirror
Doors and Windows > Doors, Patio
Doors and Windows > Doors, Plastic
Doors and Windows > Doors, Security
Doors and Windows > Doors, Fire Resistant
Doors and Windows > Doors, Garage
Doors and Windows > Doors, Garage & Industrial
Doors and Windows > Doors, Glass
Doors and Windows > Doors, GRP
Doors and Windows > Doors, Loft Access
Drainage > Clay Pipes
Drainage > Drainage Installations, Above & Below Ground
Drainage > Gulleys & Gratings
Drainage > Manholes & Covers
Drainage > Plastic Pipes
Drainage > Sewage Treatment & Disposal
Drainage > Storm Water Management
Drainage > Waste Pipes & Outlets
Drainage > Water Pumps
Electrical > Cables
Fencing > Accessories
Fencing > Fence Fixings
Fencing > Fence panels
Fencing > Gate Openers, Automatic
Fencing > Gates & Access Barriers
Fencing > Posts and Supports
Fire Protection > Detectors, Fire & Personal
Fire Protection > Fire Resistant Materials Intumescents
Fire Protection > Fire Seals, Intumescent
Fire Protection > Seals, Smoke
Fixings and Fastenings > Anchors
Fixings and Fastenings > Cavity Closers & Trays
Fixings and Fastenings > Chemical Anchors
Fixings and Fastenings > Nails
Fixings and Fastenings > Screws
Fixings and Fastenings > Timber Connectors
Flooring > Floor Finishes, Accessories
Flooring > Floor Finishes, Ceramic
Flooring > Floor Finishes, Laminate
Flooring > Floor Finishes, Tile
Flooring > Floor Finishes, Wood
Flooring > Floor Paint
Flooring > Flooring Underlays
Flooring > Floorcare
Flooring > Flooring, Contract
Flooring > Floors, Access/Raised
Flooring > Floors, Acoustic Treatment
Flooring > Floors, Structural
Glass > Glass Tiles
Glass > Glass Wall Blocks
Glass > Glazing Systems
Groundworks > Damp Proofing
Groundworks > Formwork
Groundworks > Foundation Blocks
Groundworks > Foundations
Groundworks > Gas Retardant Membranes/Barriers
Groundworks > Reinforcing, Mesh and Bar
Hand Tools > Braces
Hand Tools > Chisels
Hand Tools > Clamps
Hand Tools > Craft Knives
Hand Tools > Drill Bits
Hand Tools > Excavation Tools
Hand Tools > Wrenches
Hand Tools > Spanners
Hand Tools > Squares and Gauges
Hand Tools > Tapes
Hand Tools > Tool Boxes
Hand Tools > Trowels
Hand Tools > Vices
Hand Tools > Metal Saws
Hand Tools > Planes
Hand Tools > Pliers
Hand Tools > Scrapers
Hand Tools > Screwdrivers
Hand Tools > Sockets
Hand Tools > Files
Hand Tools > Hammers
Hand Tools > Hand Drills
Hand Tools > Hand Saws
Hand Tools > Levels
Hand Tools > Mallets
Hardware > Locks
Hardware > Emergency Exit Hardware
Hardware > Handles & Knobs
Hardware > Hinges
Hardware > Hooks
Hardware > Ironmongery
Hardware > Letterplates
Hardware > Builders' Hardware
Health & Safety > Protective Equipment
Health & Safety > Safety Equipment
Health & Safety > Pest Control
Heating and Plumbing > Boilers, High-Efficiency/Condensing
Heating and Plumbing > Boilers, Combi
Heating and Plumbing > Chimney Systems
Heating and Plumbing > Ground Source Heat Pumps
Heating and Plumbing > Heating Instllations, Solar Radiation
Heating and Plumbing > Pipes, Plastic
Heating and Plumbing > Solar Panels and Systems
Heating and Plumbing > Water Heaters
Heating and Plumbing > Water Purification, Electronic
Heating and Plumbing > Water Softeners & Conditioners
Heating and Plumbing > Water Storage Systems
Heating and Plumbing > Air source heat pumps
Insulation > Foamed Plastics
Insulation > Insulated Panels
Insulation > Insulation, Acoustic
Insulation > Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation
Insulation > Insulation, Spray
Insulation > Insulation, Thermal
Insulation > Mineral Wool
Insulation > Multi-Foils
Insulation > Insulating Concrete Forms
Landscaping > Decking
Landscaping > Garden Lighting
Landscaping > Natural Stone
Landscaping > Paving, Commercial
Landscaping > Paving, Domestic
Landscaping > Pools and Water Features
Landscaping > Statuary
Landscaping > Street Furniture
Landscaping > Pots and Planters
Landscaping > Furniture
Landscaping > Garden Care
Lighting > Emergency Lighting Components
Lintels > Lintels, Concrete
Lintels > Lintels, Steel
Merchant Services > Leasing, Vehicle Plant & Machinery
Metal > Curved Sections, Metal
Metal > Metal Finishes
Metal > Sheet Metal
Metal > Stainless Steel Products
Metal > Wrought Ironwork
Mortar/Cement/Concrete > Admixtures
Mortar/Cement/Concrete > Cement
Mortar/Cement/Concrete > Concrete Repair & Maintenance
Mortar/Cement/Concrete > Mortars
Mortar/Cement/Concrete > Pigments
Mortar/Cement/Concrete > Precast Concrete Units
Mortar/Cement/Concrete > Concrete Mixers
Mouldings > Mouldings, GRP
Mouldings > Mouldings, Plaster
Mouldings > Mouldings, Timber
Painting and Decorating > Fillers
Painting and Decorating > Graffiti Removal
Painting and Decorating > Masking Tapes
Painting and Decorating > Painting and Decorating Equipment
Painting and Decorating > Paints
Painting and Decorating > Pressure Paint Rollers
Painting and Decorating > Protective Coatings
Painting and Decorating > Varnishes
Painting and Decorating > Woodcare
Plastering > Arch Frames
Plastering > Plaster, Sprayable/Textured
Plastering > Plastering Accessories
Plastering > Plasters
Plasterboard > General Building Board
Plasterboard > Specialist Board
Plasterboard > Accessories
Power Tools > Angle Grinders
Power Tools > Bandsaw Blades
Power Tools > Bandsaws
Power Tools > Belt Sanders
Power Tools > Bench Drills
Power Tools > Bench Grinders
Power Tools > Sabre Saws
Power Tools > Screwdrivers
Power Tools > Steam Strippers
Power Tools > Table Saws
Power Tools > Wire Wheels
Power Tools > Vertical Panel Saws
Power Tools > Orbital Sanders
Power Tools > Planers
Power Tools > Pneumatic Hammers
Power Tools > Radial Arm Saws
Power Tools > Router Bits
Power Tools > Routers
Power Tools > Heat Guns
Power Tools > Holesaws
Power Tools > Jigsaw Blades
Power Tools > Jigsaws
Power Tools > Lathes
Power Tools > Mitre Saws
Power Tools > Diamond Core Drills
Power Tools > Drill Bits
Power Tools > Drill Stands
Power Tools > Drills
Power Tools > Fretsaws
Power Tools > Hammer Drills
Power Tools > Biscuit Jointers
Power Tools > Chopsaws
Power Tools > Circular Saw Blades
Power Tools > Circular Saws
Power Tools > Demolition Hammers
Power Tools > Detail Sanders
Roofing > Insulation
Roofing > Guttering and drainage
Roofing > Weather proofing and repair
Security Products > CCTV
Security Products > Alarms
Security Products > Security Lighting
Shopfitting and Display > Signage and Sign Systems
Stairparts > Balustrades and Handrails
Stairparts > Staircases
Stairparts > Staircases & Ramps
Stairparts > Stairtreads & Nosings
Stone > Granite
Stone > Marble
Stone > Natural Stone Products
Storage > Shelving
Storage > Storage Facilities
Storage > Storage Furniture & Fittings
Storage > Storage Systems
Storage > Storage Units
Storage > Site boxes
Storage > Tool holders and pouches
Sustainable Building Products > Ecology and Heat Recovery Systems
Sustainable Building Products > Energy Conservation
Sustainable Building Products > Pollution Control
Sustainable Building Products > Rainwater Goods
Sustainable Building Products > Renewable Energy
Sustainable Building Products > Water Conservation
Tiling > Tile Cutting Machines
Tiling > Tiles, Acoustic
Tiling > Tiles, Ceiling
Tiling > Tiles, Ceramic
Tiling > Tiles, Floor
Tiling > Tiles, Roof
Tiling > Tiles, Trims & Seals
Tiling > Tiles, Ventilation
Tiling > Tiles, Wall
Timber > Joinery
Timber > Jointing Products
Timber > Lacquering/Staining
Timber > Plywood
Timber > Timber
Timber > Timber Beams
Timber > Softwood
Timber > Hardwood
Timber > Certificated
Timber > Railway sleepers
Timber > Timber Frames & Buildings
Timber > Timber Machinery
Timber > Veneers, Timber
Timber > Wood Finishes
Timber > Wood-based Panels
Timber > Woodcare
Vehicles and Plant Machinery > Crane Offloaders
Vehicles and Plant Machinery > Cranes & Hoists
Vehicles and Plant Machinery > Forklifts
Vehicles and Plant Machinery > Trucks & Trailers
Vehicles and Plant Machinery > Van Interiors
Vehicles and Plant Machinery > Vehicles, Commercial
Vehicles and Plant Machinery > Pre-packing machinery
Ventilation > Ducting
Ventilation > Dust & Exhaust Extraction
Ventilation > Fans
Ventilation > Filters, Air
Ventilation > Flues
Ventilation > Ventilation Equipment
Ventilation > Ventilation Systems
Ventilation > Ventilators
Ventilation > Building Drying and Dehumidification
Wall Finishes > Renders
Wall Finishes > Wallcoverings
Computers & IT > Computer Aided Design
Computers & IT > Computer Software, Hardware and Services
Computers & IT > E-commerce
Computers & IT > Website Design
Materials Handling > Bagging and Packing Machinery
Materials Handling > Bags and Containers
Materials Handling > Wheelbarrows
Materials Handling > Sack Trucks & Trolleys
Packaging > Packaging
Marketing and PR companies > Marketing and PR

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